Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Idea? I don't know.

It's entirely possible that I'm still logy from whatever was pumped into me for today's surgery - I got my port taken out. It feel SO GOOD to have it gone, though it didn't really trouble me that much. There's just this loosening of tension that I hadn't noticed. Though that may also be the drugs...

Anyway, so my copy of The Results Fieldbook came today - well, yesterday, I guess, since we got it out of the mailbox this morning. And in poring over it I got an idea. I think it's a good idea, but I'm just not sure. Rather, I'm sure there've gotta be problems with it, because it seems simple and effective and helpful but I haven't heard of anyone doing it.

In reading through, so far a lot of it has been about using data to find what you need to work on. And that gave me the idea. What if we used the most recent end-of-course test scores in English to identify each student's strongest and weakest skills? Then we could put students into groups based on those skill areas. It'd create the streamlined effectiveness of tracking without the stigma, because EVERY student would have a strength and a struggle.

And then on - I think of them as Challenge Days - you could set up modules or learning areas, and students would work together either to help each other with their struggles or to push each other to further excellence in their strengths.

So. What I want is help finding the problems. Does this seem too babyish?

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Mardie said...

I don't think it sounds babyish. It sounds like a version of writing circles or guided writing. I have used guided writing successfully with middle school students and I'm sure it can be done in high school as well.

My question: How will you use student strengths in developing your groupings?

Clix said...

Thanks, Mardie! I hope it works. At this point it's nothing more than that first inkling - I haven't thought about how I would plan it out yet. I think the first step will be to see what the different areas are, based on the way the data is divided up.

Hugh O'Donnell said...

Hey Clix, long time no see.

Best wishes for recovery from surgery, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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