Thursday, January 13, 2011

Writing Again

In an effort to keep writing while letting my brain recharge from that last post, I started working on - of all things - a Cinderella fanfic. Yeah, yeah, pointless kiddy stuff, I know. Shut it.

I got started reading fanfic again through recs on tv tropes which is an absolutely amazing website - it's like happycrack for English teachers, I swear. [Tangent: Hey Mardie! That's one of those things that I would NOT say if I blogged under my real name. *grin*]

So anyway, one of the fics I read - I had forgotten how much fanfic SUCKS - got me thinking about scenes we DON'T see in Disney's Cinderella. The big one is when Cinderella meets the Prince for the second time. That intrigued me. So I decided to do a fic that looks at some of (what I feel are) the important scenes we don't see.

What was kind of neat was that I was actually able to log in to - apparently I had already created an account there and uploaded my very first fic ever ("Anniversary"). While its sparkle has faded somewhat, I'm still pretty pleased with it. I'm trying to avoid thinking about "Broken" - like I said, fanfic pretty much sucks - but I guess if nothing else, at least it keeps me writing, eh? So perhaps the end will justify the means. *grin*

Anyway, if you're feeling bored (or sadistic), go ahead and read. I'd love some feedback, especially on the new one.

PS: My name isn't "Celeste," by the way. That was a handle from waaay back before I got good at typing. I just thought it sounded like a pretty name.


Liz said...

I didn't click on your link, but I wanted you to know that I always loved Anniversary.

Clix said...

I still like it. I'm not as happy with its Big No though.

Also? You still haven't messaged me on goodreads. We've made the reservations. ^.^

Also #2: Don't forget about the hat.

Liz said...

I think your big no is good. But I'm not a literary critic... well... I guess I kindof am... I've criticized a lot of books... Anyway, shouldn't you be updating one of your two blogs sometime soon?

Also, I heard a school related rumor. Ask me about it in a non-public forum...

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