Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Grinding My Teeth

So we're under a tornado warning today, sitting out in the hall, and the students are SUPPOSED to be sitting quietly. As in, not talking. I'm seated with my class, and it's SO frustrating because ours of course isn't the only class out here. There is SOOOO much talking going on down at the other end of the hall that I'm like WTF? How am I supposed to ask my students to quit talking when other classes aren't being held to the administration's guidelines?

So. Frustrating.

Also we'll be out here for at LEAST half an hour (total). I wish I'd thought to bring my grading with me. :P I didn't think it'd be that long.


Knighton said...

We're doing the EOCT at my school. Did the tornado warning affect your testing? Sucks!

Clix said...

No, thank goodness! We did end up dismissing early, but fortunately it was slated to be a crazy day anyway. UN-fortuately, some of the crazy is slated to be rescheduled... *sigh* so we'll lose even MORE instructional time.

Knighton said...

Well, two days this week I haven't seen my 3rd period 10th grade class because our counselors woefully misjudged how long it would take to administer the EOCT. Somehow they thought we'd be finished by the end of 2nd period (two 50 min. periods)! So, they, in their infinite wisdom, did not do a special schedule. It has been a nightmare. Meanwhile, I am scrambling to do something with my 4th period that won't put them too far ahead. Fortunately, the rest of my classes are seniors, and I haven't missed them.

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