Sunday, April 17, 2011


I cannot begin to express how much I love, love, love living near a city with a gimungous used-book bookstore. That is, a used-book bookstore that is gimungous, not a bookstore that sells gimungous used books.

They re-use grocery store bags, so every few months we stop by and drop off a few "bags of bags" - I'm sure most of you do something similar: you keep one grocery-store bag around & stuff all the others in it?

Anyway. This bookstore is one of my favorite places. The people who work there are ... well, let's just say they're interesting to look at. They look kind of like the books, actually - everyone is clean and in good condition, but they're a very eclectic mix! I have a few favorite "haunts" - the YA section always has a strong pull, of course - but I like to go 'splorin' cuz I never know what I'll find! On the other hand, though, it's REALLY easy to wind up with two arms full of books and end up dropping a big chunk of change!

To help stave off my book-gluttony, I try to set limits for myself and then frame those limits as 'rules of the game.' Today's rules were (1) nothing over $2, and (2) nonfiction suited to teens.

Random tangent: I am also glad that this bookstore uses price stickers that peel off easily. I don't know why peeling these stickers off the books is so much fun, but I enjoy it immensely.

Anyway, here's the haul:

- Hate Mail From Cheerleaders, Rick Reilly - cover price $16.95, I paid .75
- The Miracle of St. Anthony, Adrian Wojnarowski - cover price $15, I paid $1.50
- Into Thin Air, Jon Krakauer - cover price $7.99, I paid $1.50
- Heroes, Paul Dowswell - cover price $4.99, I paid .50
- The Worst of Sports, Lamovsky, Rosetti and DeMarco - cover price $13.95, I paid .75
- Sports Guy, Charles Pierce - cover price $15, I paid .75
- Teen Ink (collection) - cover price $12.95, I paid .75
- Guts, Gary Paulsen (YAY!) - cover price $7.95, I paid .75
- Great Scenes & Monologues (collection) - cover price 14.95, I paid .75

So, yeah. I feel pretty successful with my not-too-'spensive stack of new-to-me books. Whee!

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