Saturday, July 02, 2011

Writing for Others

Up until now, I’ve been writing primarily for myself. And it’s really neat that I’ve been able to engage in discussion with other professionals, because doing so has helped me to refine and clarify my own ideas. But I’m getting to the point where I feel pretty confident in my teaching and so I’d like to begin sharing with others. It’s just that up to now I hadn’t really thought about what might actually be worth something to someone ELSE. I think I tend to write more about my struggles than my successes, because I’ve been more concerned about improving in areas where I have difficulty. It requires significantly less reflection to just re-do something that worked well! So now that I want to start thinking about what I DO do well, I’m kind of floundering.


loonyhiker said...

I would love for you to share about your successes! I think many can learn from your successes as well as your struggles!

Mardie said...

I would also love to read about your successes, Clix. I wonder what's making you flounder?

Clix said...

Thanks for the votes of confidence, y'all. :D Also, Mardie, after thinking about why I might be floundering, I've got another post! yay! so thanks for getting me thinking about that :D

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