Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Spoiled Rotten

And it is absolutely glorious. I just had my computerized roster updated this afternoon, so it's official: I have a student assistant in each of my classes. TWO in my first period. I'm so excited. It's just absolutely lovely.

I'll have one student each period who can focus on keeping up with who's reading what and what page they're on in a binder for that purpose. My extra assistant first period is in charge of adding notes and directions for assignments to the class website. This will leave me free to focus on keeping up with what they're writing, and keeping my gradebook updated and staying in touch with parents.

Supposedly we're not to have the student assistants do clerical work, which is kind of what I'm asking them to do. Never mind, for the moment, that most other teachers do the same. That's not the point. Still, I don't think it's fair to have them TEACH the other students - after all, I'M the teacher. Putting that pressure on someone who (while perhaps fairly mature) hasn't had any training feels like I'm abdicating my own responsibilities.

And I think I can make the case that taking care of the SSR checkoffs isn't simply clerical. It's also a chance to talk about books (these are students I've had before, and so they know about my choice-reading fetish) and build relationships with the other students in the class.

At any rate, I feel much more "with it" than I usually do. And it's thanks to my student helpers. :D

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