Monday, February 04, 2013

Monday, February 4

As of today, we've been on the new semester for a whole week. Today during planning I will need to get in touch with parents for the first time, introducing myself and my expectations for my students.

  • SSR - reading every day, discussing books with class
  • Composition book rather than spiral-bound notebook
  • "Quickwrite" homework most nights, please review student's work
  • Class website updated daily; all notes & assignments online, daily extra credit available.
  • Gradebook updated at least weekly online.
  • Questions for me?

I also need to print out the syllabus quiz and the limericks for tomorrow's study on rhyme scheme and meter. And I need to call the parent of a student from last semester who didn't pass, did some extra work... which shows that he really isn't ready to move on without a LOT of additional help and practice. Not looking forward to that one.


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