Sunday, June 08, 2014

Summer Feathers

Goals for the summer:

  • Change the address on my driver's license √
  • Register to vote (waiting on card to arrive)
  • Create Antigone unit
  • Check the used bookstore for The Hunger Games (√), Catchphrase, and Taboo (didn't have the latter)
  • Read Things Fall Apart
  • Practice doing voice work √
  • Write sample video game quest trees
  • Continue learning to code √
  • Continue tap lessons and practice √
  • Daily cardio/weights/yoga √
  • Develop clicker games and review practice
  • Create other review games
I've been doing pretty well, I think - I haven't done any of my planning-type stuff yet but I want to wait until I actually have my classes for next term. That way I can create plans and materials I can actually use!


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