Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Is it better, or worse, to vent on here than in real life?

I am missing a library book. This is just burning me up... at this point it's overdue and I can't FIND the darn thing. The teacher next door to me regularly says, "I don't know how you keep up with all your classes AND the newspaper AND the yearbook. I'm just not that organized." Guess what? I'm not either. What's my secret? How do I keep up with it all?

There IS no secret. Or, rather, the secret is that I DON'T keep up with it all. Aurgh. I get so frustrated with myself. Because I should be able to find this. I know where it WAS. I just don't know where it IS. I was SURE I turned in all of those piratey books. Boy, that steams my clams.

The house is a mess. And I have grading to do. And I've already had such a long day that every fiber of me is in "high resistance" mode. I feel like I "deserve" a break, but I'm so grouchy that I can't really enjoy one, and if I did take one, I'd feel guilty.

On the other hand, I keep thinking that I've lost my camera. Well, not MY camera, but the journalism camera. Which is either just as bad or worse; I'm not sure which. It doesn't cost as much as mine, but I use it more often. Anyway. It has always turned up; invariably I've sent a student out on assignment with it and just lost track of who I gave it to and when. I've thought about getting a sign-out sheet, but quite often I think of something at the very last minute, and I have to holler down the hallway to get whoever-it-is to come back and get the camera, and of course, neither of us is thinking about signing it out anyway.

So. Thank you, God, for taking care of my camera. And the zillions of papers and receipts and whatnot that I haven't lost. Now if you could just show me where that book is, I'd be even MORE grateful.

I might even be able to let go of my seething frustration and forgive my students for being little cheating WANKERS.


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