Thursday, October 05, 2006

TOO good?

I don't know how many more days like today I can take.

"Arduous" would be putting it lightly. Today was a good day, overall... there was just so MUCH of it! I woke up at one AM for no particular reason. So I wrote out all the things that were scrabbling through my mind. But I still couldn't sleep. So then I prayed about them. But I still couldn't sleep. So then I went and studied the next section of 1 Corinthians. I still couldn't sleep, but I decided my husband could just suck it up so I went back to bed and I lay there until finally I dozed off.

At least getting ready didn't take long. Alarm at 6, and I was out of the house by 6:15. And I'd eaten breakfast, too.

Nobody came for tutoring this AM and yet the morning flew by. Our representative from the publisher came to Journalism today and helped me get the fonts and page #s straightened out. And unfortunately we're just stuck with a lot of the additional charges. We're sending back the title pages to our 10 extra books, and we may be able to get out of the art charge for photo retouching we didn't request. Most of it is just ... it's stuff they actually needed to do but I wasn't told about. Which bugs me.

Mythology was awesome. They were all plugging away on their midterm projects. I didn't have to do ANYTHING. I just worked on more journalism stuff and answered questions here and there.

The freshmen seem to be getting situated. They'll do all right. There are a few I'm worried about. But this class seems to have it together much more than any of them last year did - maybe because the Repeater Repeater Repeaters have been put into one group, and so these are proportionally more students who think they CAN do it.

Then 4th block I had to run errands. Lord, please help me to remember to go get those photos on Tuesday. I got back, pulled my editor from art class and had her do pages for the yearbook, and then it was time for tutoring and getting sports practice photos. And then I found out I had forgotten to go by the bank and get change, so I did that. And I got some lettuce. And now I am home and it is time to rest.


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