Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Dance, dancey-dance!

I really connected with two of my students last week. (I think.) One of them had missed like 16 days of my class in 9 weeks. OW. They're mostly excused absences - all but one, I think - but even so, that makes it incredibly difficult to get work done. *sigh* So I called her out of her Economics class, which she's somehow getting an A in and fortunately is during my planning period, and we talked for a little bit. She said that her family is relying on her a lot (which is why the absences are excused). I know she listened. I don't know if it'll matter.

The other is a kid who's thinking about dropping out of school and going to work full-time so that he can help his mom pay the bills, since his dad just got put in jail and they lost that source of income. I told him I'd see what I could find out about support services. If he can make it through another two years - maybe even less - he'll have his diploma and he can enter the military like he wants to.

On a lighter note, today I scored my first AAA on StepMania! Woot! It's hard to believe that I got it for my birthday back in March and I could barely make it through the blue level (beginner). Now I can almost always get an A or B on yellow (light) and I usually do pretty well on pink (standard). I've even managed to pass a few songs on green (expert)!



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