Tuesday, November 07, 2006


So my husband gave me a hard time today about getting seven books from the library "when you go there every week!" As it happens, last time we went, there were some books I didn't take back cuz I forgot I'd left them at the school. Plus the library emailed me because one of my holds had come in. Then when I got there I stumbled across two next-books (in a series where I'd read up to that point - and liked them) so I grabbed them while I could. And I got a Charles de Lint because I've heard of him and the blerb sounded at least intriguing. And I got two more that just sounded neat because, hey, you've gotta expand your horizons, right? And then when I went to check those five out they got my hold for me and ANOTHER one had come in, so there was my seven. I didn't even look at the new arrivals rack! So here's the haul for this week:

Sequels: The Finder, Margaret Buffie; The Last Apprentice: Curse of the Bane; Joseph Delaney.
Grabs: The Blue Girl, Charles de Lint; The Playmaker, J.B. Cheaney; A Stolen Life, Jane Louise Curry.
Holds: Parable of the Talents, Octavia Butler; Pretties, Scott Westerfeld.

Books I haven't yet returned: to be real, Rebecca Walker; Multiple Intelligences & Adult Literacy, Julie Viens & Silja Kallenbach; Disposable People, Kevin Bales; The Gospel According to Tolkien, Ralph Wood; The One-Armed Queen, Jane Yolen; Finding Lubchenko, Michael Simmons.

Returned today: Letters to a Young Conservative, the Middle Mind book, the geisha/courtesan/prostitute/whatever book, and Mimus, plus two graphic novels. One was a Young JLA and the other was... hm. Oh yeah! "Common Grounds." Or maybe it was just "Ground." Anyway, they were both pretty good.


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