Saturday, December 02, 2006


Okay, first off, this wireless keyboard is pissing me off. It skips letters left and right and I'm left with gibberish unless I type . v e r y . s l o w l y .

And I'm tired of not fitting in. Here in the Deep South, I qualify as a flaming liberal because I believe in social justice, property rights for women, and I don't think everyone should have guns. Liberals, on the other hand, consider me a right-wing bigot because I am pro-life, I believe that mutation leads to cancer, not new species, and I support the biblical teaching that the homosexual lifestyle is sinful. Days like today it feels like everyone hates me for one reason or another.

On the up side, I had two students come to school today (SATURDAY!) to get some work done on the yearbook. And one of them asked about putting Journalism on her schedule for next semester!!! YES! Those are the kind of students I want and NEED in the class. Plus, yesterday, I managed to talk to the student who's been absent from class (so far) thirty days out of the seventy-five we've had. She promised me she'd come in on Monday or Tuesday so that we could sit down with a guidance counselor and figure out a way for her to graduate with her class despite having missed so much. I'd heard rumors that she'd moved out, so I was kind of nervous about calling her house if she'd left on bad terms. But she was there! She had apparently decided just to wait out the semester cuz she figured she couldn't pass any of her classes. We'll see.

I don't want to go to church there tomorrow. I mean at the church we typically go to. Not school. :) I don't like the endless repetition of the praise choruses, and to be honest, that church creeps me out. We go to a weekly Bible study which takes a deeper look at the sermon, why the pastor is right, and how we can fit our lives to those ideas. It's not blind acceptance, either, which would be annoying but not creepy. It's like this Borgish mindset where everyone else just gets SO much spiritual insight and growth from the message and ... I don't. And nearly every Sunday the pastor says something that I think is inaccurate/misleading/out of context/not supported by Scripture. Fortunately it is almost always on a minor point. But then if I bring it up I feel like I'm quibbling.

But this is the ONLY church we've found locally that has any meat to it. Neither of us is very comfortable doing the church-shopping thing on a grand scale, so we've been to like three or four other churches, ones that are closer, a few times each. I'm not sure what to do. I don't know what's wrong with me. And things are getting worse, not better.


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