Tuesday, December 05, 2006

So! Much! Money!!!

Am I the only person who thinks that housing prices are completely out of control?! I mean, we're looking at houses and the most reasonable ones are like... seventy THOUSAND DOLLARS. And those are ones that aren't in great neighborhoods, aren't really big, aren't in fantastic condition... they aren't run-down or shabby, but they're not mansions by any stretch of the imagination.

SEVENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS! MY GOD! That is thirteen YEARS worth of rent. Oh, and let's not forget that the 70k is just the price of the house - it doesn't include the price of the appraiser and the closing costs and (ugh!) the interest on the mortgage.

I'd really like to have OUR HOUSE, but... ZOMG.


The Thief said...

70,000... in many neighborhoods, that won't buy you a shack. I saw a (not very big) ranch selling for $350,000 in Naperville, IL a couple of years ago. And that was a "reduced for quick sale" price.

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