Monday, February 26, 2007

Petrified ramblings

Two weeks. Two weeks from today the book is DUE. That's really all I can think about just now. I meant to post something more meaningful, but fear is getting in the way. Well, perfect love drives out fear, right? *sigh*

I love my husband. I love God. (Note: I thought about the husband first, then God, then wondered if I shoudn't backspace over the husband to put God first. Then I decided not to - hey, that was the order in which I thought it. Wonder what that says about me. ;)

At this point there is both terror and a sense of inevitability. The book will be finished, even if it SUCKS. But at least it'll be finished, thank God!

I'm still not on the pill and a little scared about that. Maybe the fear about the book is a good thing; prevents me from spazzing about a baby. We'll see what happens.

I need to call Mom and see if she's going to come by this week. We're taking my car into the shop today. I hope she gets better! :(

And I really hope Girl #1 makes it to school today. She was absent AGAIN on Friday and it really got me down. Off to give her a call! ttfn


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