Saturday, February 24, 2007

Re: Absence

It is so much easier to respond to what someone else has said than to say something of my own. I don't know why this is true. It's true in my stories too - as I'm reading a book or watching a movie I think, "oh, it would've been neat if they'd done XYZ," or whatever. But I have difficulty coming up with something by myself.

I guess I'll try to post rehashed opinions here too. I'm going to post SOMETHING every day, even if it's crap. So far, I don't think anyone's reading this, so it doesn't much matter. I bet my students would read it if they knew about it, but I'm not going to tell them. To quote Baby Nala (or was it Simba? I think it was Nala), "it'd be TOO WEIRD."

So. Updates. We are now in Semester 2, which means that in January I got a new crop of students. I do have some returners in Journalism, along with the n00bz, but I've got two freshman English classes with tons of new faces.

I am still not on birth control because I can't stomach having some stranger fondle me. Sorry. ;p

I haven't had my birthmarks and moles checked out.

I have, however, started doing AM devotions each day. Today marks an attempt to do a bit of blogging each day. Hopefully in a few weeks I'll get the hang of it and I'll actually have something worthwhile to say. ;)

See ya tomorrow.


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