Friday, March 30, 2007


Ooooo. I got to sleep in today. (Well, sorta.) My steenking alarm went off at 5:30 again - usually I have the clock itself turned off, so I haven't bothered to reset the alarm. Well, today I did so! No more 5:30 alarm for me. GR! But then I snuggled back down under the blankies and (I think) dozed off again. Didn't get up until SEVEN THIRTY! Bwah.

And why do I got to do this (you may ask)? Because today is PLANNING! I can only hope that we're not going to get slammed with a bunch of learn-about-whatever meetings. I don't often LEARN much from them, sadly. Just give me a memo or something, really.

Nothing's in the email yet. Here's keeping my fingers crossed. I may write a bit more at school and then email it to myself so I can post it from home... but for now, I've gotta run. It's almost 10 til 8!


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