Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Hopefully Recovering

This is the first day since the time change that I've been able to wake up before the alarm - and part of that was because I reset the alarm for 6:30 instead of 6:00! ;) I don't feel dead-tired, either, as I had for quite awhile. We'll see if it lasts. Of course, it doesn't really HAVE to - Friday we've got in-service, and then next week is spring break!

These last couple of weeks I've gotten away from ALL my morning practices - posting, Bible study... breakfast every now and then, when my tummy demands it. Anyway, talked to the lil brother last night and DON'T YOU KNOW he asked about my Bible reading!

As a total tangent, I'm trying to decide between socks that will look nice and the big poofy athletic socks that will keep my feet warm. I think I'll go for the look-nice ones, since I think the only reason my feet are cold is cuz they're bare and my body hasn't acclimated to being away from the niiiiice steamy shower yet.

I've started up my family tree, and so far my brother has added on, over at, thanks to beth quick's post.

Jason over at post-methodist has asked, "What is the gospel?" and he quotes from one of Wesley's sermons. Woah. That guy is more long-winded than even I am! Anyway, I think I would say - Jesus can give a new-and-improved life to EVERYONE, starting right now and lasting forever. You've just gotta be willing to give him the old-and-unimproved life and trade up!

I think that what Christ can do for people is because of his life and his death - but I think the focus of the gospel isn't his life and death, but (a) what he can do for people, and (b) what people hafta do to get it. Yes, I believe (usually) in conditional salvation. I think that accepting God's gift is something you have to DO. IMO, the only alternative is universalism - you don't have to DO anything, everyone just gets saved. (And I've got to admit, sometimes I have a sneaking suspicion that God has plans he hasn't told us about...)

Sometimes I hear from folks that "la la la, that's making it works," but really, it's just semantics. "Free gift" is a nice analogy. If you don't TAKE the darn present, you can't do much with it! Anyway. It's late enough that I need to head to school. Toodles!


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