Sunday, April 15, 2007

Will I ever be an Amazing Teacher?

voot! I am just chuggin' right along here. The class website is going pretty well. The problem I'm having is that doesn't have (as far as I can tell) a way to upload files, which would mean that I'd have to convert every stinking thing to an HTML file and write it in as a post (not a page, because it lists all my "pages" at the top of the site, and I don't want a whole huge paragraph!) or else do what I'm currently doing, which is upload the files via another freehost.

I'm actually liking 21classes better - I like the possibility of getting to create and control student accounts. However, they have only 2MB of space and I've now used over half of it with only a small fraction of my files uploaded. Additionally, before I start using the student accounts, I want to be able to set "delete" or "edit" functions as admin-only, while still allowing students to post as much as they want. This way I don't have to approve every single thing they write, but if they do something they shouldn't, they can't hide the evidence! ;p

I love being able to share ideas with other teachers online (read: steal what works for them!) but at the same time I see so many other people coming up with such brilliant stuff that it's a little disheartening, and not even in the sense of comparing myself with them. I know I've made phenomenal progress as an instructor - but I see, also, that there's still so much more that I could be doing!

I mean, I really was. I was an AWFUL teacher. I was muddling along, guessing at what might work, and in many cases, not making my lesson plans clear enough that if it did I'd even be able to use them again anyway. Fortunately, since we have semester-long classes, after slogging through the first semester, my second-semester guesses weren't quite as blind, and then I got some additional practice in with summer school.

I guess I'm wondering what happens next. Is there an end to "getting better"? Or will I continually feel as though I could be doing, should be doing, a little bit more?


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