Thursday, April 05, 2007


mommydaddy here! Hurray! They got in at like 5 AM, and somehow got up at 9. Wow. I hope when I'm old I have that much umph left!!

So, we're about to have breakfast and then we're going back over to newhaus. I got I think everything done from yesterday... oh, I didn't get the ivy replanted. I think I want a spade. Oo, and I need to call the bug people because WE FOUND SCARY BUGS!!! I hope to goodness they're not termites. *wince*

The vacuumy-scrubby thing is there now, so I will do the master bedroom and the corner room. Maybe rake up some leaves. Hmmm... Duane is going to try to remove the paint from the wood floor, though, so that would kind of have me stuck in there. Unless I can walk over the paint remover without tracking stuff around. We'll see!


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