Sunday, June 17, 2007


Wow! I can't believe I missed a day.

Digression here. I have a horrid habit of blogging furiously for a few weeks at a time and then dropping off the radar completely. This has gone on since... well, let's just say that as I was going through some of my old stuff in my parents' attic, I found a diary from back in FIFTH GRADE. Lemme tell ya, that's been awhile.

However, FEAR NOT! I actually have a reason to keep writing, beyond just "I feel like I ought to." I am going to LEARN this darn design process, and I am going to CREATE some darn excellent units, and I am going to RECORD my darn reflections.

Yesterday was the very first time we had guests at our new house, so we did a bit of picking-up and some honest-to-goodness cleaning in the morning. And then we played Seventh Sea for twelve hours. (Granted, probably only about three hours of that was actual playing, and the rest was messing around. Anyway.)

So this morning I've picked up some dishes and put books away and... the house already looks nice. I kind of can't help it, I am PROUD of our house. It wasn't a complete wreck, but it was unlivable when we first got it. And we have worked HARD on this house, and it looks nice. I'm proud of our house, and I'm proud of us.

Next: The Epic Saga of UbD!


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