Friday, June 15, 2007

Finishing up

'Kay. The next category is W-for-Writing. W1 is the classic writing stuff: organized structure, appropriate vocabulary, accurate mechanics. W2 is fluency in different types of writing - both different formats and different purposes. W3 is research. W4 is using the writing process. If we do any sort of analytical written response, we can hit W1 and W4; I can get W2 by adjusting the homework prompts to ask for different types of responses. W3... don't know how much I'll work it in, because we do research with other units as well.

After that comes C-for-Conventions, AKA mechanics. C1 is grammar (we'll hit that with homework revisions) and C2 is formatting. I can get that one in if I feel I need to.

And the last one (thought I'd never make it!) is Listening, Speaking and Viewing. LSV 1 is behavior - contributing to discussion without dominating, etc. LSV 2 is critical interpretation of media - finding purpose, bias, etc. LSV 1 we hit, like, EVERY DAY, but it'll be important to use different groupings to get them to interact in different ways; full-class, pairs, small-group, large-group, etc. LSV 2 will come in IF we do research; doublechecking information, identifying the author's perspective and intent, etc.

WHEW. Now I need to let that percolate a little.


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