Friday, June 15, 2007

Slogging along...

The next category is Reading Across the Curriculum (RC). I'm not sure if I can use that one at all - or if I should, given that I'm going to be touching on quite a few of the other standards pretty heavily.

ELA RC 1 is "students will read 25 books of a variety of types," and I don't know that I'm going to ask them to do any extra reading, because we'll be doing a lot of work just for the Shakespeare. On the other hand, we WILL be reading out loud, which will hopefully improve their fluency.

ELA RC 2 is "students will read in all of their subject areas," which is either the easiest standard to hit or the hardest. We're certainly going to be reading in THIS subject area, but I'm not certain how I'm supposed to ensure that the students read in their other classes.

ELA RC 3 is subject-specific vocabulary; same sort of idea as above. We are certainly going to be using English terms like "figurative language" and "foreshadowing" and whatnot.

ELA RC 4 is "figure out and show how reading is useful in different areas of life." Hm. I'm not sure ... if I come up with a good performance task, does that count? Because, it'd be real-life relevant... but then, that wouldn't be the students figuring it out; I'd be putting them into a situation and telling them that reading is going to be useful to do X, Y, and Z. I'll need to think about this one some more.


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