Monday, November 05, 2007


So today my little angels began to input their group projects into the Odyssey wiki. I had them type into Word and SAVE EVERYTHING first, so there's only a teeny weeny bit of editing to the site so far, but I'm hoping that they can do more uploading tomorrow.

It was adorable in the lab today. They were all working diligently like... like... well, like ants, only cuter. Like ants that are as cute as BUNNIES! I think it helped that I told them "don't worry about getting everything done today, because we'll have time to finish up tomorrow." Of course, we're actually scheduled to be in the lab for the rest of the week, but goodness knows if I said THAT, they'd all be playing SkaterPro or something!

Plus I walked the circuit going "SHP! Typing, not talking! If you have a question, raise your hand. TYPING! SHP! Back to work!"

I really hope this works out well.

So, please please please leave a comment for MY WONDERFUL NICOLE who came in LATE but because she had her rough draft written, she was able to get done before others! Anyway. If you would. :)


Jose said...

that is rather cute. i'll give you that. i love how technology, when done right, can really inspire kids to work towards a greater cause.

Mrs. Chili said...

*I* love that you say "SHP!" Myself, I say "SHT" (and it means "shush," not what it looks like it means...)

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