Saturday, February 23, 2008


Okay, I know I don't really take summers "off," though it's lovely to have the change of pace - focusing on curriculum design and professional development instead of instruction and grading and management.

But personal days are another matter entirely. Yesterday was just WONDERFUL. I woke up at my usual time - habit - but instead of getting ready, I cooked breakfast for the husband and petted on him and pestered him until he had to leave. I tossed a load of towels in the laundry.

Then I went back to bed.

Oh, Lord, it was glorious to wake up, hours later, and realize that I still didn't have anything pulling at me. I putzed around, ate a fluffernutter sandwich for lunch, went grocery shopping and to the library. (Another plus - I found a metered space and went right in, completely forgetting to put coins in, because usually I go to the library in the evening when parking is free. Came back out, remembered AS I APPROACHED THE CAR, and discovered that some dear soul had FILLED THE METER. Bless you, whoever you were!)

It was so nice to be able to do those things not because my books were late and there was NO FOOD and I had no time but I had to go anyway, but because I had the time and could use it however I wanted.

And then I went to Connooga and learned how to make stormtrooper armor and how to bellydance - though not at the same time. Oo, and I played drums!



The Science Goddess said...

Good on you for taking a day for yourself. We all need to do that more often.

Mrs. Chili said...

AH! Days off. I need to plan myself a "do nothing" day; even my days off are over-scheduled...

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