Friday, March 28, 2008

Insert swearing here

I really, REALLY don't want to go out and get one of those thumping huge CSS/XML books just for one thing. While it'd be nice to learn XML, I don't have enough things on here that I want to tweak that I feel comfortable just farking around with it. I wouldn't MIND having the column in the middle be a variable width, based on the size of the window - brown flowers are not THAT exciting, after all.

But what I'd really like is a 'cut' or a 'more' tag that I can use to condense things just a bit - IF that's what I decide to do on that post.

And I wouldn't mind having the option to hide posts entirely, sort of like friendslocking on livejournal. Not PRIVATE, but... well, not public either.

Oh well. Let's see what the library has! :D

Addendum: Poop! They're all over at the Business/Technology library. (Which, well, okay, it makes SENSE, but it's still annoying.) However, I heart my library, because they have an online card catalog that allowed me to find that out from here instead of going to the main branch and THEN being told it's not there, it's at another branch. Oh, AND? I can place a hold and they'll pop it over to the main branch for me. Yey! Now if only they would improve the interlibrary loan...


The Science Goddess said...

Don't forget to check the blogger help area. You can easily paste a code into your template which will only show so much of a post at a time (and hide the rest).

Clix said...

Oh, I did that. Only they started talking about the style tag, which wasn't there. As in, I did a find-word for the word 'style' and it found the little note where it says 'this style is designed by Whoeveritis' but not a tag.

So anyway, when I pasted the code where I thought it was supposed to go, and I clicked the 'View Blog' link, it sent me to a 404. YIKES! So ... yeah, I didn't keep that change. ;)

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