Friday, June 06, 2008

Friday Five: Annoyances

What’s something people do in public that really annoys you, even though it’s probably not a big deal? I don't know about annoyed, but I get kind of wigginsed when teenagers get all smoochy and cuddly. It must be a sign of getting older. Yurgh.

How readily do you ask strangers to stop their annoying behavior? Depends on the level of the annoyance. If it's something that just bugs me, I'll try to move. If they're talking on a cell phone during a movie or something, I might ask THEM to move.

What’s something you do in public that probably annoys others? Nuzzling the Hunk, I suppose - I know it annoys him after a bit! (Does this make me a hypocrite?)

What’s your theory about why it’s so easy to get annoyed when one is behind the wheel of a vehicle? Not so much "behind the wheel" as "insulated from others." Typically, I find that I get annoyed much more easily when I'm by myself in the car (so, obviously, behind the wheel). And it's not that I get annoyed more easily, it's just that the social constraints for expressing annoyance are gone. You KNOW people in other cars can't hear you and probably can't read your lips, and you can be pretty sure that they aren't going to do anything about it anyway, plus you'll probably never see them again.

What regular, minor annoyance have you learned to tolerate? Students not turning in homework? *eyeroll* The Hunk will say "ideal" for "idea" a lot - I try to avoid correcting him. Sometimes, though, he catches me holding it back. ;)

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Phain said...

two 14 year olds making out gives me the skeeves too... an adult nuzzle is way better. i was at a movie once where two highschool kids were getting hot and heavy up front. so many people complained they ended up kicking them out of the theater. but the best part before they got the boot was when the deputy sheriff on duty plopped down in the seat next to them. HA! Happy Friday :)

HappyChyck said...

I don't mind seeing teens getting smoochy and cuddly in public UNTIL it starts to look like something that might cause a pregnancy. I can't explain the line, but I know it when I see it! Because of school rules, I can't allow any of it in my classroom--and it frankly grosses me out to see my dear students doing any of it! GROSS!

If it makes you feel any better, one colleagues--barely out of college--flipped out when she saw two 8th graders dancing dirty at the final dance. They were my students who have been all smoochy for the last 5 months. (They were always trying to sneak hugs and kisses in the hallway when I wasn't looking.) All I could say when I saw their dancing was, "Yep, they're probably doing it--or will be soon." This poor young teacher was APPALLED! I wish I weren't so jaded...

Jennifer said...

No, I don't think you're a hypocrite. I would use the term "nuzzle" with teenagers very loosely. It's one thing to 'nuzzle,' it's a whole different story when they might as well be in a hotel room. That just drives me mad, hence the reason for my answer. Great Friday post! Have a wonderful rest of the weekend.

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