Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The world's BIGGEST geek.

So today is Wednesday. On Friday I will be driving hours-and-hours up to PA to see my parents and possibly my little brother (if he isn't out on tour). Next week will see me headed from there to St. Louis for a wedding, and then from there out to the southwest with my in-laws. We'll be back on the ... 28thish.

The closest I've come to packing has been making a list. I'm not even sure it's complete.

Instead, I have been sitting here at the computer since about 6:30 this morning. I know it's summer, but just TRY telling my body that! I was awakened by my phone alarm going off. In vibrate mode. AT THE OTHER END OF THE HOUSE. (I'm totally not joking.) And I've been puttering around on my page at the Understanding by Design wiki for four hours. Oh, and reading stuff from this week's Carnival of Education, hosted by The Education Wonks.

Also? We have next to no clean dishes. We haven't had forks since Sunday, I think, and I used the last clean spoon on Monday night to mix my cup of hot chocolate. But I am holding out - I'm pretty sure that The Incredible Hunk will give in before I do! Hahaha! See, we still have a whole bunch of knives, which means that I can continue to subsist on peanut butter sandwiches.

I do think I'm going to take the load of clothes out of the dryer - at least almost all of our clothes are clean, in preparation for The Big Pack. Hopefully as I do that, the mishmash of squabbling confusion in my head will begin to sort itself out into ideas for how to use the materials I have available for next year.

Plus I think I'll get pouted at if I do absolutely nothing - and also? then the Hunk will do the laundry and I'll be left feeling like I ought to do the dishes, when what I really want to do is look at how my short stories fit together and go through my Poems I Love folder to see what else I might want to use... et ca continue!

NO WAY! No dishes for me!

Edit to add:

I can NOT find the picture I wanted to use for my Favorite Thing, but it was of the Hunk at the sink, up to his elbows in suds and scrubbing a pot! How sweet!

So do you ever feel like your days just disappear into a black hole if you can't recall having accomplished something (even something frivolous)?


Melissa B. said...

Clix: Power to the People! Keep holding out--The Hunk will give in before you do! I went on strike for a week once--it took the family a while to notice, but they finally did.

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