Monday, June 30, 2008

Take Another Look Thursday

First of all, yes, I know today is Monday. Believe me, I know. (I GET MY WATER BACK TODAY!!) However, the Scholastic Scribe asked about recommendation/review thingies for Take Another Look Thursday, in which we re-spotlight old favorites.

So, readers, give a girl a hand. Which of these fascinating possibilities should I choose?

- Anne of Green Gables
- the Little House series
- An Old-Fashioned Girl
- the Lang Fairy Books
- Agatha Christie's Tommy and Tuppence mysteries

- The Sting
- Galaxyquest
- Wag the Dog
- Clue
- Gosford Park
- The Whole Nine Yards
- Robin Hood

TV Shows:
- The Cosby Show
- The Vicar of Dibley

- The JVB Public Library
- the "industrial arts" pod
- the "attic" above the auditorium

I'll post more later, but now that I have called the water utility people and fixage is on its way, we're going to head to the gym so that we can begin our workouts again... and also take showers. ;)

So click through, and let me know which you'd like to know about!


Melissa B. said...

I'm partial to Anne, but Cosby is My Man! Also, I'd LOVE to see anything on libraries! Thank you SO much for the promo! And your contribution to my spur-of-the-moment Silly Sunday Sweepstakes was hysterical! That post was such a success, I'm going to make it a regular item. Can't wait to read what you have for Thursday! :)

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