Thursday, July 31, 2008

If Wishes Were CD Players...

So because I like having a nice classroom, and I have lots of space, but I'm not rich, I have created a wish list for things I maybe don't neeeeed but would really enjoy having. I am going to give students the opportunity to make me happy by providing some of them. Do I want to make photocopies for everyone or just pass around a list?

Classroom Supplies

- Blunt-tipped scissors
- Small artificial potted tree (such as a palm or ficus)
- Multicolored “Christmas-tree” lights
- Multicolored white board markers
- Clear packing tape
- Duct tape
- Motivational stickers
- 4’x6’ area rug
- Storage ottoman
- Small beanbag chairs
- Large “sit-on” cushions/pillows
- Subscriptions to Time, People, Sports Illustrated, and Car and Driver magazines
- 3-hole punches
- Tissues and paper towels
- Hand sanitizer (scent-free)
- Hand lotion (scent-free or minimal scent)
- Band-Aids (the more colorful, the better!)
- First-class postage stamps
- 16-oz cereal boxes (boxes ONLY, please)
- Word games – Taboo, Password, Pictionary, Balderdash, Boggle, UpWords, Perquackey
- Legos, Tinkertoys, Tangrams, Mancala
- CD boom box
- Instrumental music CDs
and for those who are feeling especially creative/generous, anything penguin-related!


HappyChyck said...

Why not send a list home to the parents? For most things on your list, it wouldn't hurt to have multiples. The little things wouldn't hurt most families--like buying an extra roll of paper towels to send to school. The larger things might give parents ideas for gifts later on--or perhaps they have slightly used things they might want to donate.

This is a great idea that I've been thinking about doing, too!

Melissa B. said...

Love the list! I agree with Happy--Xerox that sucker and hand it out on Back-to-School Nite! We're not allowed to have Xmas lites in our classrooms, which makes me sad. Apparently, blinky lites cause seizures in some kids. So no Xmas lites, even the non-blinking kind! BTW, Tara. R. is "guesting" for Take Another Look Thursday--please come on by and check it out!

Lightly Seasoned said...

Blinking lights DO cause seizures. I've had two or three students over the years for whom that was true. It made fire alarms a little dicey because my first priority was getting something over their heads -- fast -- so I didn't have a seizuring student (usually bigger than me) to get out of the building. (The alarm is right outside my door.) I had to be a little careful about websites, too, since there were a few years when blinking ads were very common.

Our school secretary maintains a wish list. We just send in our requests and she posts them -- our parents are VERY generous. I've gotten CD's, 30 boxes of tissues, huge quantities of pencils, etc. Often the gifts come from the parents of graduating seniors -- especially those I taught for more than one year. I always ask for the sort of thing that would obviously come out of my own pocket.

Clix said...

Oo, I didn't think to specify non-blinky. But AFAIK, we don't have a no-Christmas-lights policy - I've seen a couple of other teachers with white or colorey lights.

Melissa - I've got something planned for TALT (alas, not Cosby) that I HOPE to do for next week.

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