Monday, July 28, 2008


I got it! I got my mug! I'm so tickled! Can you tell what it is? See the itty flamingo? I did that! It's also got my name written on the handle. It is SO CUTE!

We have TWO new English teachers - and one of them is a guy - a COACH, too. Interesting. So we are beginning to diversify. However, both of them are quite young, and most of the rest of the department is established but not right-at-retirement age. The next one to retire will probably be the other guy in the department.

More pictures behind the cut.

This is the back side (backside?) of my mug. I need to make sure that I hold it with my left hand or I may get myself in trouble!

These are two of the flamingo mugs. I'm a little bummed - the pink didn't show up very well on top of the base coat. I didn't base-coat mine; I painted everything separately except for the thin lines. The puffy paint (what I used for my lines) shows up well on top of the darker background, but the regular paint didn't do so well.

Overall, they look delightful. Hurray!


mybellringers said...

They look fab-u-lous! What's not to love about flamingos? Very, very cute. :-)

Melissa B. said...

You're some kind of creative gal! Kin Ah join yer club?

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