Monday, September 08, 2008

Whine, whine, whine

My students have been complaining about the amount of homework I give. Each day they get a 20-line writing assignment - usually just a reflection - that ties in to what we're studying.

It's only 20 lines, though... and then I look at my poor neglected blog. Not that I don't have reason: grading, lesson planning, Dragon*Con, the Damn Book...

Aw heck.

So, I figure, to help keep me writing, even if it's not important, I'll answer the prompts as well.

Today's prompt: Which format do you prefer - movies or TV? Why? Explain, with examples.

I prefer movies, because I have more control over what I'm getting. We're signed up with Blockbuster online, so I can list the movies I want them to send me, and they only send from that list. Since we only have one or two DVDs at a time, it doesn't become a default activity for us.

Movies are also less likely to get repetitive. With a few exceptions (*cough* Police Academy *cough*), you don't have to worry about a good movie degenerating into predictability and cliche. Because a TV series can continue for season after season after season, there's a lot of financial pressure for a popular series to keep cranking out episodes long after the initial story arc has been resolved. It's very difficult to keep things fresh.

Here's hoping I can find time at least to touch on all the things I love - including my wonderful Epic Adventures!


Melissa B. said...

Here's a good rejoinder: "Would you like a little cheese with that whine?" It stops them in their tracks--guaranteed!

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