Friday, September 12, 2008

Why I Haven't Posted

So we are a little more than halfway through the first half of the course (since we're on semester blocks). This week, the English department went to training for America's Choice. So there were lots of teachers gone, and we had no control over who our subs would be. Woot.

We are in theory supposed to incorporate the America's Choice practices into the courses we're currently teaching (for those of us with 9th/10th classes). Never mind that the course is 30% over. I am all with the WTFery, but if I can, I'm gonna try to weasel out of Julius Caesar, which I really don't wanna suffer through. (Sorry, Doc.)

And of course we don't get planning time at the seminar. This is AFTER I stayed at school until 9:20 on Tuesday re-checking the newspaper and uploading it before Open House, then staying to make sure that my sub plans for Wednesday were clear.

Anyway, so I was gone Wednesday and Thursday - at least during the school day (ends at 2:55). I got to the school for Journalism Club at 4:15ish. Get the students started on their work. (Make posters to advertise that we'll be selling the paper at lunch on Friday.) Go check my mailbox.

There is a note from the sub.

Boy o boy. My 2nd block class isn't as unruly as my 4th block was last year - but I have a lot of the same yahoos! And will a full class (31), when they get even a little talkative, the noise level skyrockets. Then of course they have to talk louder to hear themselves over each other, and... UGH.

They did not get their work done. They did not sit quietly. They goofed around & did whatever.

SO. I spent Wednesday evening on the phone. Calling, calling, calling parents. Ms. Clix was NOT a happy cookie. Thursday morning I called the school & reminded the secretary to please call me if she heard about any issues with that class - I would call back & she could patch me through to the classroom & I'd speak with them as close to "in person" as I could get.

Thursday afternoon when I went by for Journalism Club the secretary mentioned that she'd also asked the principal to stop in and speak with the class. Go Ms. Secretary! YAY! Needless to say, with the parent calls AND the visit from the principal, things went MUCH better that day!

Plus, the papers were in - and I hesitate a little, cuz I've seen y'all's - but they looked good! I was really, REALLY pleased with the photo quality and the writing. The topics were a little dry, which is something they always struggle with, but overall, I was really happy.

It made me even happier when we SOLD OUT of the issue! *gleedance* At the end of the last lunch period, one of my Gremlins came tearing into the room with the news that WE SOLD OUT! I was a little skeptical, but then my editor came in and showed the empty box... plus the money was there! WOOT! I think it's more money than we've EVER made on newspaper sales.

However, I do make a habit of pulling copies - each advertiser gets ten, plus I keep some extras in case we forget to give copies to the library or administrators. And - don't laugh - I always give a copy to my parents. ;p

So, if you'd like some copies, email me at uncomfortableadventures at yahoo, and include the name & address to which I should send them. I'd LOVE to trade - I'm always looking for new ideas & examples!

All in all, the week went well, but it was VERY full. I don't know that I'll get much R&R this weekend - I think it's going to be spent attempting to catch up with my grading...

BTW, anyone know what happened to the Carnival!? I finally had a chance to read it this afternoon after school and it was gone!!

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