Saturday, October 25, 2008


Ugh. This in-betweeny stuff is annoying. I'm not quite sleepy enough to get BACK to sleep, but I keep losing at Minesweeper!

How terribly annoying.

Fortunately, I got to the library before it closed yesterday, so I'm out to the kitchen to make some hot chocolate, and then I'll pop back in here with a book. Yey!

Hope I don't wake the Hunk.


Melissa B. said...

I had the same problem last nite, although it wasn't really a problem, since I'd just been awakened by Ella Numera Una, calling with some Good News. And BTW...I took your advice on the Obama/Palin Dancing w/ the Stars snap, and it's debuting in Sx3 tomorrow...Please stop by, especially since you're the source of my inspiration!

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