Monday, December 01, 2008

Oh, yearbook!

So I'm finalchecking pages and then zipping the files to be uploaded to the plant... and all of a sudden I think, "hm, this is rather a lot of black and white pages all in a row." (In that section of the book, we have a flat of color pages, which means they alternate spreads between color and B&W.)

I check the ladder.

Nope. That spread was supposed to be in color.


Oh, and what's worse? I'm fairly sure that I did tell the student who created the spread that it was supposed to be black and white rather than in color. UGH.

Not that this is an insurmountable problem; all we've really got to do is re-Photoshop the pix and place them in the photo boxes again. I'm setting aside class time for her to do that tomorrow, so she won't get behind with her other work during club period.

Still, it IS incredibly frustrating.

And don't get me started on sales - yikes!

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mybellringers said...

Yikes, yikes & yikes! I feel your pain… Over Thanksgiving break, I went through the photo proofs the kids had gone over. Bless their hearts, they found and circled kids who had the wrong names attached to their pictures. :-) What they DIDN'T do was find who the kids really were :-( so I had to wait until today to track it all down. Of course, it was due today. Sigh.

Yearbook and Yikes just seem to go together.

HappyChyck said...

Yearbook and YIKES do go together.

I've totally screwed up yearbook this year. I don't even know how we'll survive...

Your issues, though. Bump in the road.

Clix said...

Yeah. I'm not TOO stressed out about this - the bunch I have this year are MUCH better than the ones I've had in years past! I just have to keep reminding myself to remember to notice what they do well, because what they do WRONG seems to stand out so much more! ;D

HappyChyck, maybe they'll let someone else have the honor of supervising yearbook next year? ;)

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