Tuesday, December 02, 2008

This drives me NUTS!

TWICE during my journalism class today I gave a student DIRECT INSTRUCTION - something that NEEDED to be done - and the student sat around and talked. Two separate students. Two students that HAD BEEN among the more responsible ones.

I was so mad I kept my mouth shut because I knew that if I said something, it would very likely be among the Things That Will Get You Fired.

What's going on?! WTF? I mean, are they burnt out or something? Is it something in the air? The water?



cupcake said...

Are we teaching the same students? We must be.

I'll stand in front of mine and bellow, "Who is supposed to be talking when I'm talking?" Two or three of the more alert kids will mumble, "No one." But the yappers never so much as pause to take a breath.

It's charming, isn't it?

Clix said...

It's awful how much time gets wasted because either they're running their mouths, or they're not paying attention and they ask you to repeat what you said three seconds ago. AUGH!

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