Saturday, December 20, 2008

Yay! Books! Yay!

So last night I went by Barnes & Noble and dropped off the purchase order for the professional development books that I requested with what was left of my instructional money. Click "Continue" to get the full list!

Write Beside Them: Risk, Voice, and Clarity in High School Writing, by Penny Kittle
History Lessons: How Textbooks from Around the World Portray U.S. History, by Dana Lindaman, Kyle Ward
Critical Encounters in High School English: Teaching Literary Theory to Adolescents, by Deborah Appleman
The Writers Journey: Mythic Structure for Writers, 3rd Edition, by Christopher Vogler
"Reading Don't Fix No Chevys": Literacy in the Lives of Young Men, by Michael W. Smith, Jeffrey D. Wilhelm
"You Gotta Be the Book": Teaching Engaged and Reflective Reading With Adolescents, by Jeffrey D. Wilhelm
The Cheating Culture: Why More Americans Are Doing Wrong to Get Ahead, by David Callahan
What Great Teachers Do Differently: Fourteen Things That Matter Most, by Todd Whitaker
Finders and Keepers: Helping New Teachers Survive and Thrive in Our Schools, by Susan Moore Johnson
Why Gender Matters: What Parents and Teachers Need to Know about the Emerging Science of Sex Differences, by Leonard Sax
Boys and Girls Learn Differently!: A Guide for Teachers and Parents, by Michael Gurian

I've REALLY lucked out this year - a new laptop, the books, and partial funding for our trip to the GCTE conference again in February! I'm really hoping that the books come in soon, so that I can look through them over break. A couple of them are ones I read from the library and really liked, but most of them are new to me and have been recommended multiple times.


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Melissa B. said...'re really sportin' the bling, sister. Congrats to you! In celebration, you should stop by my place tomorrow...BTW, please don't forget my Sx3's seasonal-and hysterical!

Clix said...

*grin* Stopped by! Enjoying the bling, and (hopefully) making good use of it!

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