Friday, January 16, 2009


In my class, at the front of the room, right beside where the digital clock is hidden (I cover it with a small poster that has a Twain quote on it), I have a nice big poster with my three classroom expectations on it:


So one of my Double Gremlins (who has me for both English II and Journalism) waved me down during class and said, "Ms Clix, if I got suspended for fighting, would I get kicked out of Journalism?"

I thought, 'Oh, my.' I said, "Well, I don't know that we'd transfer you out of the class, but you might get kicked out of the club."

"Yeah," said Double Gremlin. "That's what I kept tellin' myself. So I just cussed her out, but boy, I wanted to punch her in the face! But I kept sayin' Rule number two! Rule number two! in my head."

The Shiny Gremlin sitting in front of her turned around and said, "Yeah - I hear you say it under your breath back there all the time!"

Dear Reader, I lost it.

But really, I was tickled. I am SO HONORED that she remembered my expectations for my students, and that they mattered enough to her for her to follow them, and that they helped her to make a good decision!

(I did, however, point out that while cussing people out is certainly preferable to punching them in the face, it still doesn't qualify as being kind!)

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roller coaster teacher said...

LOVE this story :D And I think Double Gremlin did the best she could under the circumstances.

Melissa B. said...

One of my cherubs definitely would get the old "heave-ho" if any fisticuffs are involved! Hey, did you notice how I worked "ho" into the conversation? Considering my post today, and all...BTW, don't forget Sx3 tomorrow...we'll be in an Inaugural Kind of Mood!

Clix said...

Thanks, RCT! Yeah, I'm pretty proud of her.

I'm looking forward to your snap tomorrow, Melissa! Today's was definitely intriguing. ;D

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