Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Carnival! YAY!

Step right up an' git yo' tickit!

The newest edition of the Carnival of Education is up at Education Examiner! Huzzah! Looks pretty good, too - lots of spinny rides and Games of Skill and Chance. Go win a big stuffed panda!

I was NOT slack this week, and the post I submitted, "Running around like..." actually made the cut! *blows kisses* You can see it through the Carnival, or you could just scroll down here.

Also - I need to think about what I've got planned for today in English class, because if the past two days are any indication, I need to skinny it down even further.

So anyway, there's one more part to the sentence starters, but I think I'm going to scrap that and begin by going over the parts from yesterday and the day before. Colored pencils and all.

I need to emphasize the importance of having their library books. And of turning in their information sheets. I think if they don't have 'em for me tomorrow, I'm going to have to assign some, ah, "visiting hours."

Then we'll go into SSR. I'm HOPING that going over those six questions won't take more than 15 minutes. So another... ten... for SSR.

Then go over the first stanza of "Jabberwocky," discuss the meaning of "brillig" and how it sets up our expectations for the poem and how that stanza should be read. We'll talk about the cinematography of horror movies, ... something ... and funerals, and how the weather "matches" the mood of the scene. Then I'll read the stanza in three ways: scary, happy, and sad.

I want them to notice WHAT I do with my voice to create the mood. We'll talk about it.

After that, we're going to split up into two lines - guys and girls - and read, line by line, "The Southpaw."

IF there is any time left, they can continue the mini-posters. If not, those will have to be "on hold" until tomorrow or Friday. *sigh*

Image thanks to - some other interesting images on this artist's page, too!


Melissa B. said...

Congrats to you, dear Clix! I suppose you've seen my blog rating. A paltry PG. I've gotta spice it up, oui?

Clix said...

There's nothing WRONG with PG! Wasn't Finding Nemo PG?

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