Saturday, January 10, 2009

Life is SO UNFAIR!!!

So yesterday (technically now today is Saturday, after all) was a really good day as far as teaching went. But as with all of my best days, "brilliant" doesn't mean "easy." I got home around five - too late, really, for a nap - and tried my darnedest to stay up until bedtime, but it didn't work. I was in bed by 6:15 and unconscious by 6:30.

So now it's TWO-thirty, and I'm awake enough to be fidgety, so I got up. And... I want something to nibble on. So I'm eating cheese puffs. I love cheese puffs!

And I love Twizzlers! And creme brulee! And mashed potatoes! (GOD, do I love mashed potatoes - especially ours, cuz we make 'em with butter and heavy cream!) And steak, and sweet potato casserole, and pie - all KINDS of pie - and chocolate, and Rice Krispy treats, and Skittles, and Starburst, and pizza, and popcorn...

DAMMIT! Why does everything I like have to be SO BAD?!!

*sigh* Despair. O, the despair.

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