Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Hero's Journey: Stage 8 - DEATH!

Let's just say that this week has definitely qualified as Epic Adventure material.

So. We've been behind on yearbook foo. Wednesday's entry, which should've posted at 10 AM rather than 10 PM, was correct when I wrote it. Wednesday and Thursday are club days; we usually stay after for a few hours & I order pizza.


I start hearing whisperings of a Code Gray, which is a tornado drill. I'm incredibly annoyed, because why do they have to do these things during Journalism, darnit?! As it turns out, though, there is no drill, so we keep going around and getting interviews and photos to put on our pages after school.

Only there is no after school. During afternoon announcements - right before the bell - we are informed that because of the storm (there's a storm? *peek outside* yep, raining pretty hard) all sports practices are canceled. Students are to go home.

Hm. Usually they don't add that last bit, so I call up to the main office just to make sure that we're okay for club.

Line's busy.

I try the secretary's direct line, and she says she's going to check with the principal. A few moments later, the PA system comes to life and we hear that ALL after-school activities are canceled. Students aren't even supposed to stay for make-up tests or detention (which I'm sure is a tragedy). They are to GO HOME NOW.

And so they leave. And I try to find out who's saved what where, but it's a lost cause, and I've just lost several hours of work time.

But wait! THERE'S MORE.

So then Thursday we try to spend getting caught up with what didn't get done on Wednesday as well as what we'd wanted to do on Thursday and I'm juggling getting information and checking the spelling of names and meeting with the senior superlative winners and two of them graduated at the end of last semester and I can't seem to track them down.

Fortunately the Hunk and I drove separately, because I end up staying until about 7:00 - even then I only leave because I've got a class at 7:30. I get home around 9:00 and manage to upload the rest of what I'd meant to on Wednesday night, and I still have 24 pages left when I go to bed.

However, several of my Journalism gremlins also make plans to stay after on Friday, so we should be able to get caught up. Right? Hahahahaha...

Friday was fine up until class began. We had honor graduate portrait retakes in the morning, and one of the students who needed his portrait made was caught behind a wreck on the way in. But he made it, so I thought nothing more of the matter.

It turned out that the crash was somebody hitting an electrical pole. So right at the beginning of JOURNALISM CLASS, we hear over the PA system that the power is going to be cut off in a few minutes, so that the electrical pole can be repaired, and all computers should be shut down now!

The email we received about this said "normal operations will continue." Yeah, RIGHT. When not only can we not work on our computers, but administrators send my Journalism gremlins back to class and tell them they're not to be out in the hall?!

It was a total loss. I've got students coming in over the weekend, but I'm just SO FRUSTRATED.

I could not make this s*t up if I tried.

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Anonymous said...

We had something similar happen. We lost a chunk of time on inauguration day. The IT dept. decided to stream video that day to the entire district. We lost all network functions even our VoIP phones. We lost a whole day of production time. A day or two later our school's internet went haywire and the provider, Comcast, had to run some kind of test. The test slowed all network traffic (like file sharing of photos) down to a crawl. Technology is great, until it ain't. Hopefully you'll make your next deadline. It's all part of the great circle of yearbook.

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