Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I don't MEAN to be negligent

So two more of my donorschoose proposals have been funded! yay! I am getting MORE BOOKS for my classroom library. I can't tell you all how psyched I am about that. Now I just need to come up with a good list of current paperback YA nonfiction for my next proposal. Suggestions?


I have been staring at the computer all evening, willing my uploads for the Darn Book to transfer more quickly. Go. GO, darn you! This is after testing the limits of my laptop. Apparently it does not like to run InDesign and Firefox and Graphic Converter and Microsoft Word and Preview and TextEdit all at the same time.


As of the start of the week, we had like 90 pages of proofs out way late - I'm not even going to admit to how late they were - with another set of like 32 on the way to us, and a near-untouched 64-page deadline this coming Monday. OH! And we've got a deposit due on the 23rd and when I checked our account, we're about a grand short of what we owe for THAT BILL, not including we need to buy toner for the printer and there's a final deposit to pay when the books arrive.

Stressed? Me? Plenty.


When I go to bed tonight, there will be 24 pages left to upload (roughly). They will be ready to upload tomorrow night. And I will upload them, and all the photos that go with them. And all our proofs will be caught up.

Our school's business manager called today to inform me that more checks had cleared and we would be able to cover the deposit.

My class full of Journalism Gremlins are clunking away at the new proofs, which will be printed out and given to the AP on Friday for approval. We get them back Tuesday, make changes, upload Tuesday (or maybe Wednesday, if we have to talk to someone who's absent) evening.

They are also selecting layouts and interviewing students and typing copy and scheduling photos and loading and saving - our new photo organization system RULES! OMG! - and editing and placing the pictures and our new pages WILL be ready to go on Monday because anyone whose pages aren't done by Friday can come in over the long weekend! I mean, really. That's what long weekends are for, right? Yearbook work!

Ah well. In a month? This will ALL BE OVER!!!

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Melissa B. said...

We're right now in the middle of that yearbook morass known as proofs. We've finally settled all of our technology issues...I think. Fingers crossed!

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