Friday, February 27, 2009


Nothing major today - the past couple of weeks have been CRAZY as we approach our final copy deadline AND put out another issue of the newspaper. I'm hoping to have the last 14 pages handed over to our rep today. Then all that's left will be the proofs!

Paper is on sale at lunch today, but we haven't advertised at ALL because all of our time has gone to the Darn Book. Ugh. ;p

Anyway, got this via cupcake:

Train Horn

Created by Train Horn

I can tell how out of it I've been. I couldn't hear a thing - and then I realized that I had the computer on mute! If you can hear a monitor hum or the faint whine of fluorescent lights, you'll probably hear this. The clip is maybe a second and a half, and I couldn't let it play through. It's PAINFUL.


Rachel said...

Ick, I couldn't let it play through, either.

I have a teacher friend who said her (middle school) students found this out and have been using it as their text-message notifier! They thought their "old" teacher wouldn't be able to hear!

HappyChyck said...

Last year some of my students thought it would be funny to play the sound on their laptops to torture each other. It would cause major disruptions. I can hear it, but it isn't the severe torture it is to them. (It does give me a headache.) I had enough one day, so I left it playing on a loop on a computer as they came into class. When they found out I could use their torture device against them, they decided it wasn't so cool anymore!

Clix said...

See? I knew it! Kids are so silly.

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