Thursday, March 19, 2009

Carnival time! ALREADY?

Nooo... not yet... but it soon will be! Put your thinking caps on and sharpen your pencils - or, well, clean the crumbs out of your keyboards - because Epic Adventures is the next stop for the Carnival of Education!

That's right, Adventurers, I'm about to do something both exhilarating and terrifying: I'm hosting next week's Carnival! It is going to be a celebration BAR NONE.

And just what are we celebrating, you might ask? Well I'll TELL ya: we are gonna celebrate the DARN BOOK being DONE. (Because it will be. I will finish the book this weekend if it KILLS ME. Of course, if it kills me, I probably won't host the carnival... but I'll give my passwords to the Hunk, and he'll let you know.)

But wait!


This week was supposedly the Spring Break edition, so I can't use that - even though I've still got TWO MORE WEEKS after this one before I get to go on break!

It isn't a nice, round number. I'm not even sure whether it's #216, #207, or #178. I may have to go back and count. (Yikes!)

Oh no, Adventurers. It's something much more silly than that.

Next week is MY BIRTHDAY!

There will be kazoos and party hats and origami and dunking for apples and charades! And maybe a pinata (I can't figure out how to get a tilde in HTML).

I was thinking about a theme...

... but then I figured the guys might feel left out, so I figured that instead, I'd go with PIRATES!

So stop in next Wednesday for lots of Pirate-Birthday-Education-Carnival-ish goodness!

And don't forget to submit your post to be included!

Also, as you can see here, there is NO ONE signed up for the carnival after mine! Don't put the Bearded Lady and the World's Strongest Man out of a job, yo. Email EdWonk at and SPREAD THE JOY!

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Mrs. Chili said...

I haven't submitted a carnival post in a LOOOOONG time. Do you think that there's anything I've written lately at Teacher's Education that would hold up?

Melissa B. said...

I don't know that I'm brave enough to host the Carnival, but I'd LOVE to submit something to ya! I sort of got out of the Carnival Habit, and this would be a great time to start it up again!

Clix said...

Oh, goodness yes, Chili! In fact, I think your recent post about your student's NCLB speech should DEFINITELY be included, as that's an important political issue right now, and I think a lot of teachers are facing that same sort of pressure.

Mrs. Chili said...

Okay, then, Clix, put it up, if you will.



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