Thursday, March 12, 2009

SSR times

Over at 88 Generalizations about Free Voluntary Reading, Stephen Krashen says that free reading time (which I call self-selected reading) should be done every day. (In fairness, he does have it marked as "insufficient research available.")

My concern with doing so is that we then spend 10-15 minutes reading, and that's a short enough time period that my nonreaders can "fake it."

I think as we get into next nine weeks, I'll probably do independent reading AND independent writing every day. But what I'll do is I'll flipflop how much of each we do. So M/W/F we'll start with 20 minutes of reading, and then do a 5-min quickwrite. T/T we'll do 5-10 minutes of reading, and then 10-15 minutes of more in-depth writing.

We're finishing up the proofs for the book. And I have students who are SCHEDULED to be in pictures - senior stuff - and they're just not showing up when they've said they will.

AND, one of the students who's working on a particular page has been out for several days, so of course nothing has been done.

I have grading that absolutely MUST get done tonight, and the book WILL come in on time. Period. It is not my book. And if the students don't get the work done, I'll fix anything that's an actual mistake, and then the book will go in.


I'm tired. I'm ready for the school year to be OVER - and we've still got 45 more class days left.


Melissa B. said...

Clixie: I keep trying to comment, but Blogger won't accept my words. Woe is me, you YOU! PS: Don't forget mañana's Sx3!

dkzody said...

We still have 55 days so I envy your shorter time. It's still over 2 weeks before we get to go on Easter break.

Clix said...

I'm with you, dkzody. Our spring break is the first full week of April. At least then our home stretch will be short.

I'm counting down days until the Darn Book is done more than anything, TBH.

Melissa! Dang! How do you get the tilde?! (And I didn't forget the SSS :)

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