Friday, June 12, 2009

Too Many Corners?

Something I've wondered is why more of my PLNs don't overlap. There are often similar conversations on the English Companion ning and some of the various teaching communities on LiveJournal.

I like the features of the EC ning, and I like how focused it is. It's pretty easy to find what you're looking for. At the same time, I like how smooth LiveJournal is. Granted, you have to bookmark or save a post if you want to go back to it later on, but as a result there's very little clutter.

I still haven't gotten the hang of Twitter; I don't feel like tailoring my tweets to a certain niche, so I don't know that they're particularly useful. IMO it'd be nice if they made messaging easier, like how @username replies to that username. Maybe >username? Because it's rare that an @reply makes ANY sense when it's between others. It clogs the feed. But it's immediate, & messaging isn't.

I dunno. I'm weird. I don't approach things the way others do. I blog pseudonymously (although my immediate family has me bookmarked, and there are others who've met me or could make a connection). I feel more comfortable being [somewhat] open about my experiences as a result; there isn't quite as much pressure to be insightful and reflective and - you know, always on all the time.

Like at yearbook camp - most people put Firstname Lastname on their badges. I didn't; I wrote Mrs. Lastname on mine. It took me two years to start calling other teachers by their first names. I'm still not comfortable with it.

OTOH, I dress very casually according to most professional standards. I like my clothes to be affordable, durable, comfortable, subtle, and low-maintenance. And I keep them clean.

I'm a gamer, but I don't play video games. I write, but I really don't have any interest in writing anything for print publication. I'm an English teacher, but I have little to no interest in reading more of The Canon.

I dunno. Maybe everyone gets this way from time to time. I just feel like I'm awkwardly shaped, and I can kind of go with the flow everywhere, but I don't really fit anywhere.


Anonymous said...

I always sort of guessed you were a gamer from your banner. I like table top games (Risk, Axis & Allies, Diplomacy) and a group of my web design students convinced me to sponsor a table top gaming club next year. I told them they could meet once a week after school in my room to play - but we would not play video games. We played two entire Diplomacy games during finals. Too much time, not enough test. It was fun.

I too blog under a pseudonym, but anyone can find out who I am in real life (IRL). And don't feel bad about not first naming other teachers. It wasn't until I turned 35 and was older than most of the faculty at my school that I became comfortable calling other teachers by their first names.

And I'm probably one of the Twitter people who @tag others with side conversations that drive you crazy. But it is the easiest way to have anything like a conversation on twitter.

keep posting!

Clix said...

*g* I'm as guilty of slacking off & using @reply as anybody else! I just wish messaging has a shortcut the way replying does.

Have you ever played Carcassonne? It's a resource-management strategy game. Guillotine and Lunch Money are also quite fun (although Lunch Money is fast-paced).

I tend to prefer dynamic story games, kind of like Dungeons & Dragons (although dungeon crawls bore me to tears). My current favorite is Seventh Sea. The system is unbelievably buggy, but the setting is fantastic.

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