Monday, September 21, 2009

Today is a GOOD day

After spending all weekend slaving over those darn research papers (except for the time I spent on here grousing about attempting to write a donorschoose essay) I finally got done last night. I still have to check cards and outlines, but that's pretty much a completion grade - making sure there aren't any that are just duplicates and/or "This is a fact card for my research paper" cards.

And I did get TWO new donorschoose proposals written - they're under review now.

And THEN sometime last night (I crashed at, like, eight) the Hunk nudged me awake enough to tell me that the roads were washed out and SCHOOL IS CLOSED TODAY.


Seriously?! I mean, because, ALL WEEK it was rolling around in my brain that I was going to have no weekend thanks to those papers. I've been grinding through them as best as I can but GRACIOUS it's awful. As in why are there no citations anywhere in your paper?? WTF?!

And now I get a day for ME. I just feel so ... so vindicated! I am going to play WoW, and read Fire Study (I am SO glad we picked that up last night), and ... well, okay, and I'll probably work on my next two unit plans. Where is my copy of Shakespeare Set Free?...

Granted, if it doesn't stop raining sometime today, there may be serious trouble. Right now it's just flooded roads and possibly some power outages, afaik.

(Tangent: I've started pronouncing web acronyms as words. So, like: btw = BIT-oo, wtf = wa-ta-FAY, afaik = uh-FAKE. Usually lowercased like regular words, BUT, if they're at the start of a sentences, the whole thing gets uppercased. Why? Because! I don't know!)

Ennyhoo, WE at least will be all right. Temperatures are quite mild, and being stuck in the house with neither power nor water would be quite feasible, if inconvenient, for up to a week - perhaps longer. But I REALLY don't think it'll go even that far.

And then! This morning I got an email that said that my latest donorschoose proposal has been funded! We're getting two new digital cameras! WAHOOO!

Just a coupla point-and-shoots, but still! ^.^ Glee!

LIFE IS GOOD! *happysigh*


Liz said...

I guess the rain is still pretty bad down there, huh? CNN just updated it's page and said it didn't look pretty.

Clix said...

That is why God made rain boots. ^.^ Puddlejumping! Whee!

Anonymous said...

Be careful Clix, I'm guessing you reside in the SE USA and are coping with the flooding. Just try to stay high and dry and don't try to drive through any high water.

Clix said...

Good guess :) And I'm savvy - just the low stuff. I did have a couple of places on the road where I slowed down and watched to see if anyone was coming before taking my half out of the middle so's to avoid a mini-lake. Didn't actually have to do any turning around and re-routing, though.

And now that I've been to the library I have several more lit crit books on Macbeth!

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