Friday, November 27, 2009


I love it! Oh my God, I love it. I didn't know I could DO something like this! WHAT a rush. I am absolutely giddy.

Usually things don't come out as good as what you imagine, but somehow this came out even better.

Is this what it feels like for students, when they succeed at something new? Is this what it's SUPPOSED to feel like to write? Because I feel just amazing.

More photos behind the cut!

Image thanks to MY OWN CAMERA!


Mrs. Chili said...


Is this a wall decoration, or do you plan to wear it? Going to Mardi Gras this year?

Clix said...

I'm going to a benefit in December. I have the rest of the outfit, but I really wanted to make the mask myself.

Probably not doing much for Mardi Gras. Maybe I'll bring the mask to school ;)

Melissa B. said...

These certainly are some Superior Snaps. Bravo, Clixy!

bettyb said...

The mask is beautiful. You should be very proud of yourself. My grandsons would love for you to make their Halloween costumes.:) I am Betty at TeacherLingo but I can't figure out how to leave that URL. No tech talent here.

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