Sunday, December 06, 2009

Skype (Author visit) ideas

This is WAY clearer than what I get on my computer. Anyway...

My request to teach Brave New World to my senior English class was squelched, so I didn't get to do the Skypechat with Pete Hautman or Cory Doctorow this semester like I'd hoped. :(


Next semester - as far as I know at this point - I've got sophomores again, and 1984 is already on the approved reading list. Plus we have books. Mwahahaha... I shall not be stopped this time!

I need to email those authors again to make sure that it's still a possibility. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Click the 'continue' tag to see what I'm planning to send to them if they say yes.

Teaser: These questions will be sent to the author ahead of time to prepare an "opening."

1. Introduce yourself, name a few of the works you've written.
2. Explain what a dystopia is.
3. Why is that idea worth exploring?
4. Describe how your book touches on dystopian themes.
5. What else would you like to have our Skypechat-interview include?
6. What do you want students to contribute to the interview?

I'll also include my plans for the interview (see below).


Part 1: Author speaks for a little bit

Part 2: Student-created Q&A
Prior to the interview, students create questions for the author that show their understanding of what a dystopia is & how it relates to real life.

Part 3: Author-run quiz game. Based on literary elements?

I also need to get off my duff and send in another donorschoose proposal for an AST Playshop. And I still don't have a final exam (which is required for the course... yikes!) so I need to check in with our department head to see if there are some old ones I can look over to get a feel for length & difficulty.

Have any of you used Skype? questions? thoughts? suggestions?

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