Thursday, May 13, 2010


Every school has one. You probably already know who yours is.

She gripes about every little thing. But it's never her fault. The students come to her and they just don't know ANYTHING. The Powers That Be expect far too much of her. She stays late at school to get her grading done because HER tests are never multiple choice and she gives them her full attention.

Yes, I'm talking about That Snide Bitch. (Yours might be That Snide Bastard.)

She finds fault with everything. Anytime she hears someone with something positive to say, she just has to pop their little happy balloon, either by criticizing or one-upping.

  • There's a book on the table; it's probably This Teacher's - she's always leaving her stuff out.
  • There are never any pens here because That Teacher always walks off with them.
  • Make sure you wait for the coffee to perk because Another Teacher will pour herself three cups from the pot, leaving none for anyone else.
  • It's also probably Another Teacher who leaves the coffeemaker on after pouring the last cup, breaking the pot.
  • So-and-so needs to walk her class to lunch because they're always so loud in the halls.
  • Why should I bother to remind my kids to be quiet on the way to lunch when no one else apparently does?
  • I can't allow students in my class to be interviewed for school publications; pull them from another class (when the interviewer is ALSO in another class).

The one that ticked me off enough to begin this post was when she said she wasn't going to "waste a quarter" on the school newspaper, because we had failed to notice that a letter had not been capitalized (think the C in LeCroix as an example) and she didn't want to support shoddy workmanship.

She's moving. And let me tell you, Disney World is not the only reason I'm counting down the days to summer break...

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TeachJ said...

You've just got to find ways to avoid those teachers. Especially...

-The one who leaves the coffee to burn so that the whole hallway smells of burnt coffee.

-The one who leaves their jammed papers in the photocopier for it to heat up and seize up.

-The one who complains when there are no photos of their group in the yearbook, but won't let any photographer near her classroom.

Clix said...

But they know where my room is! ;D

More seriously, there's another class in my room during my plan periods, and there are only so many places I can go to hide out. :(

But as I think about it, for some reason people who DO annoying things piss me off less than people who regularly complain about others who do annoying things. I'm not sure why that is. I hope it's not because I'm one of the annoying thing-doers! ;D

crysnrob said...

Mine is one who derails meetings by wanting to argue things over which we have no control.

After a while, I would just kinda go to my happy place when it would begin. No point in letting the negativity eat me up. :-)

Hope you have a few days with the students before break!

Clix said...

That's how I got suckered into taking meeting notes. One of our APs noticed that I'd be typing away, because I'd often get SO BORED when things started going in circles that I'd start working in Word & asked me about it. I said I was "writing down ideas and reflections and such" (like I'm going to cop to lesson planning or rough-sketching blog posts!) and so of course he encouraged me to start writing outlines that could be sent out to everyone. ;)

Sarah said...

If there wern't TLT.. Teachers Like That... you wouldn't appreciate the rest of them who Aren't Like That!

Clix said...

I like to THINK that I would - but you're probably exactly right! ;D

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